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Cheverell Magna Parish Council meets regularly at 7.30pm in the Pavilion and all parishioners are welcome to attend.

Please check the calendar for dates.

There are seven Councillors and a Parish Clerk. They are usually elected but can be co-opted if a particular seat is uncontested.

Our meeting minutes and other Parish Council documents are available in the Document Library.

Council Procedures

Any Councillors who have a personal or prejudicial interest must declare it at the meeting and then may not contribute in any way to the discussion or vote.

Code of Conduct

The council operates within a Code of Conduct. This and other policies can be seen by clicking the links above.

Meeting Format

Members of the public are welcome to attend all meetings and there will be an opportunity to speak/comment on any item on the agenda only. If you have a burning issue, please contact the Clerk direct or one of your local councillors, equally there is always time after the meeting to outline your concerns.